There are many resources online to find information and statistics.

I have listed many of my favorite places for statistics in the column at the bottom of this page. However some of the best training resources can be found on the Texas Suicide Prevention website.

It offers videos, and materials available for download free of charge, and they are excellent.

Please view our youtube page for my school training video by clicking on the youtube button at the bottom of the page. There are many apps available for download for teens.

ASK: Training and Mobile App is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play

2 Day I Am is a microsite and digital community where teens can post and discover hopeful inspiring media.

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Suicide Prevention Resources ?

Taking Action To Prevent Suicide:

LInks to many Suicide Prevention Organizations:

Roles In Preventing Suicide for Professionals and for the Public:

Building Bridges, A meeting held with prevention professionals, health care providers, researchers, policymakers, and consumers with personal experience in suicide. Annapolis, MD, November 28–29, 2007:

Suicide Prevention Dialogue with Consumers and Survivors: From Pain to Promise (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) 

Customized Information Series:

These pages were created to help people recognize and respond to individuals who may be at risk for suicide. Each page was designed for persons in a particular social role (such as coworker) or occupation (such as school health provider or teacher) and includes information on the most likely suicide risk scenarios they may face in this role or occupation.

Suicide Prevention 101: Customized Information Series (Suicide Prevention Resource Center) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

YOU MATTER link to resources for young adults through the You Matter Campaign

recommendations for reporting.docx Proper Reporting Methods 

After a Suicide: Toolkit for Schools This is about 50 pages and every school should have a copy available for all teachers and staff

ListenToMe2015-12-17 23.32.43.pdf Listen To Me Poster for schools


Through the National Institute of Mental Health, there are number of on-going research initiatives related to mental health and suicide.Please click here to access the NIMH website to learn more

Suicide 2015 Facts and Figures-1.jpg The National Facts

Suicide 2015 Facts and Figures-2.jpg The National Facts page 2

State anti bullying laws.docx By State

Map - School Policies & Programs 2015-2.jpg Map showing states that have some type of suicide prevention policy in place....This is alarming

Map - Student Education 2015.jpg Map showing states that provide student suicide awarenss and prevention training...This is alarming

Map - School Personnel Training 2015.docx Map showing states that provide suicide awareness and prevention training to personell..dissapointing

bullyingandsuicideConclusion.docx Bullying and Sucide information

AfteraSuicideToolkitforSchools.pdf This is about 50 pages and every school should have a copy available for all teachers and staff

psa-poster3.jpg Poster for schools to print 

psa-poster6.jpg Poster for schools to print

Texas Fact Sheet NEW.docx Facts and figures 2015 for the state of Texas

Oklahoma Fact Sheet NEW.docx Facts and figures 2015 for the state of Oklahoma

DC Fact Sheet NEW.docx Facts and figures 2015 for Washington DC and the DC area

Virginia Fact Sheet NEW.docx Facts and figures 2015 for Virginia

AFSP Model Legislation - Suicide Prevention in Schools.doc Proposed by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention as the model 


Stop Bullying.Gov