Flying To Reach More Schools


Update on my efforts to reach more students. 

I was trying to find a way to reach more schools across the country. I am still searching for a grant writer and grant funding, however in the interim I needed a feasible way to reach schools further away in the country. So I went to Flight Attendant school and am now employed as a flight attendant working to donate most of my earnings to Because of Hanah and in addition I will schedule at least one school every month on my days off and I can fly there for free.  Students are my first priority and I vow to get to them and bring awareness and prevention training to any school that asks. If you know of a school that needs our services, have them contact me through our contact link and I will schedule them asap. In His name I go.... brining the message of Hope to our youth.

Peace and Love

Hanahs mom.....