Today, Hanah's Birthday


January 6, 1992...The happiest day of my life....My baby girl entered this world....Hanah Nycole Puga

Today, January 6, 2016....24 years baby girl is not here. She is gone forever. She is gone too soon. Why?...This three letter word will haunt me all the days of my life. I should be having lunch with her today, discussing the clothes she wants me to buy her, discussing our next trip to the beach....discussing all the things that mothers and daughters talk about...oh how I spent years looking forward to these days when she would become an adult and we could share adult mom and daughter me and my  mom...a right of passage for all mothers, but it is not to be...not for me....not for her....If only, if only....

Happy Heavenly birthday my sweet sweet angel, please know your legacy will live on. I will continue in your name, in your honor..