Wow how time flies. But mourning never ends.


Its May 2024, Im going into our 12th year without my girl. When this first happned and I would see other grieiving moms posts and they would be dated and it would have been years, It felt so foreign to me and I would think surely they have had some resolve by now. No. No. This does not happen. For us moms and dads, it is always like yesterday. I still talk about her as if she was here. I still remember all the memories as if they just happened, good and bad. All of the cute childhood memories are sitll like just the other day. So 12 years is absoutely an irrelavant number to me. It has not changed anything in my heart. The heartbreak is still as painful as it has always been. My voice still breaks and tears fill my eyes when I mention her name or as I am writing this today. I do not post here often but always come here everyday. Please know if you are hurting, someone cares because I do. If you are reading this please send me an email and I will say a prayer for you and I ask you to do the same for me. Hugs to you and.......keep breathing.....because of Hanah. 

Love, Kym