WOW! 18,000 Students have received my ACT (Ask Care Tell) Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training


These past two years have been hard, rewarding, bittersweet, lonely, joyful and worth every second. I have met students from all over the nation. I have had the amazing opportunity to share my journey and Hanah's story with so many amazing young people. There are no words to express my gratitude in their thoughtfulness and encouragement. As the Angelversary of Hanah's death draws near, (Thanksgiving Day) I think back over my memories of this journey so far, many flights, many clouds, many sunsets and sunrises far away from home and I cannot believe I have traveled so far and so often. I think of each face from every school, the tears we have shared and the hugs. Oh the hugs, thats one of my favorite parts. I mentally prepare for more and more. I hate that there is a need for more students to have this training. I hate that I even know about this training. I hate that I do not have my daughter with me tonight or every night yet, I can't wait to meet new students, hear their stories, share Hope with their struggles and give out some more hugs. I'm going for 20,000 students next year!!! God bless you all. You matter! You are the only You and we need YOU. 

Love and Peace and God's blessings to you,


Hanah's Mom

November, 2017