Back to Capitol Hill for 3rd Visit March 23rd. 2016 We Need A Law


We need it to be law and we are meeting with lawmakers again.....

Mothers Against Student Suicide is about to embark upon Capitol Hill once again speaking with our nations leaders, pleading for one to sponsor legislation that would require suicide awareness and prevention training for students in 6-12th grades. We already have the language drafted for this law. So far I have met with leaders from the following offices: Oklahoma ‪#‎SenatorInhofe‬, Oklahoma ‪#‎Senatorlankford‬, Ohio Representative ‪#‎TimRyan‬, Director of Education Policy General Council ‪#‎TinaHone‬, Florida Congressman ‪#‎JeffMiller‬, Oklahoma Representative ‪#‎JimBridenstine‬, Pennsylvania Representative ‪#‎TimMurphy‬.
*********THIS WEEK ON WEDNESDAY, *********************
we will meet with: Texas ‪#‎TedCruz‬, Texas ‪#‎MikeConaway‬, Illinois ‪#‎AdamKinzinger‬, Maryland ‪#‎BarbaraMikulski‬, Maryland ‪#‎BenCardin‬, and Iowa ‪#‎JonieErnst‬. On Wednesday please stand with us by wearing purple, pray for us, and remember us as we tell about our precious children who have left this earth too soon. We will need strength, and stamina while we all relive our nightmares doing the work needed to prevent those nightmares from becoming other moms realities as they are ours. Thank you to everyone for your support as we continue on.