After Two Years of Covid


June 1, 2022
Where are we now? Isolation, Devastation, Sickness, Loss, Mourning, .........Our students have suffered so much more than we ever thought. No prom, no high school playoff games, no senior parties, no socializing....seriously how can anyone imagine not having their high school years social life? So many of those times defined who we became in our young adulthood and beyond? I can't imagine just being at home for two years of my high school career. Sadly in addition to all of the illnesses and deaths the pandemic has spread across the globe, it also has increased our suicide rates with not just students but everyone. 
'However there is always Hope. We mustn't forget that we always have Hope. As long as one of us holds breath, we have Hope. Don't stop believing. Humanity has faced many problems and come out ahead. We shall rise again now. This school year, everyone was mostly back in classrooms. All events are happening, all businesses are open, concerts are on, and although life is not as it seems we are back to living it outside of our homes again. I will continue to travel and work with schools. I'm always available for anyone seeking help. Remember to Ask,Care,Tell. ACT! Be there for your friends and family and most importantly yourself. God bless us all as we navigate through this new way of the world.......

peace, love and understanding 

Hanah's Mom