2018, We reached 30,694 students across the globe.


We provided suicide awareness and prevention training to students across the nation as well as Europe. This past year took me around the world.  I had the honor and pleasure to meet and visit with so many students and I learned that students all across the world face the same exact problems.  The most important thing I learned is that we are all just people trying to get through the day. I visited some of the most beautiful places on the planet and was humbled by this beauty. By the end of December the final number of students trained was 30,694. We have definitely come a long way. I wish this training was not needed. I wish my daughter was here and I could travel the world with her just becuase we enjoy traveling and there wasn't such a desperate need to convey to our global youth that life is worth living no matter what. In addition I want to thank everyone who helped me. My friends in Rome who interpreted for me and all of the great new friends who helped me set up and provided equipment for me to use in foreign countries. And of course the Conner family whom without them none of these trainings would have been possible. Also my employer last year,  Norwegian Airlines for their generosity that allowed me to conduct these trainings while on my work layovers. Ask, Care, Tell ....and remember You Matter.